A Summer in Missoula!

Well, it looks like I’ll get to stay here in Missoula until at least the beginning of August. The hospital here extended my contract again to help cover for several changes they will be implementing. I’m not going to argue because there is so much to do here during the summer that I didn’t want to miss. Things such as…

Glacier National Park, for one. I was so worried that I was going to miss out on seeing the park that I was willing to drive up and look around as best I could in just one day. Now I”ll have the opportunity to really see the park and hopefully spend a day or two there. I’m told it’s something you don’t want to miss and will never forget. I even have an offer from a coworker to show me around if our schedules allow. She used to be a guide up there and knows all the cool back trails.

Floating the river! I haven’t done that in years and, even though I’m pretty sure I’m allergic to sunlight, I’m willing to buck up for this! Even if I have to buy out the sunblock at Walmart.

Testicle Festival. That’s right, I said testicle festival. It’s actually a thing and man, am I intrigued. A friend told me about it a month or two ago and I thought she was joking until I passed about five billboards advertising it on the way out of town. I’m not entirely sure what it’s about but here is a link to their website, testyfesty.com. I can’t make this up, people.

Fulfilling my beer card at the Rhinoceros bar so I can get a free t-shirt. As my friends and family know, I will do almost anything for a free t-shirt. This beer card requires me to drink all 50 of their draft beers, not in one night or even in one month so it’s definitely doable. Luckily, I like beer and I’m not a beer snob so I’ll try all kinds. If I don’t like it, I can generally find someone to pass it off to.

I’m sure there are a lot more things that I’m either forgetting or haven’t discovered yet. I’m definitely open to suggestions if anyone has any!

National Laboratory Professionals Week

Last week was National Laboratory Professionals Week which celebrates everyone who works within the lab, from phlebotomists to techs to pathologists. While not well known, like the jobs themselves, it’s still a lot of fun and nice to be recognized. The lab that I’m currently working at in Missoula made sure to celebrate the way lab folk do – with food!

In honor of lab week, I thought I’d share some humorous lab comics with you all.

Disclaimer: I’m using my phone to post this as I’m out of town and without proper internet so it’s a 50/50 chance the pictures will work. Sorry! Also, I got these pictures from a Facebook page called ‘Lab Humor’. Highly recommended for all lab professionals with a sense of humor.


Someday I hope to be given the chance to say “Eureka!”

I can’t wait until next year! Who’s wants to play?

My poor blind dog does this sometimes, but I have a feeling it’s more because she missed the bed and less because she wanted to play out osmosis.

In all seriousness though, thanks to all of my fellow lab nerds out there for all that you do!


Good Ol’ Bumdays

I’m not sure if the term “bumday” actually exists anywhere besides in my head, but I’m going to try making this a commonly used word. A bumday is any day of the week that you purposefully don’t do anything. You don’t cook. You don’t clean. You don’t get dressed. You don’t shower (unless you can’t stand your own stink). You definitely don’t work out. You just lay on the couch like a bum. I normally will read books all day, but I’ve been known to watch a few TV rerun marathons. Sunday bumdays can be epic during football season. Just saying.

In order to successfully pull off a bumday, you have to plan for it. If you have two days off, use the first to run errands and make sure you have food in the house. Always put your bumday on the second day. This way you don’t spend your bumday with your stomach growling or getting notices about unpaid bills. The whole purpose is to relax and rejuvenate. This is NOT being lazy! At least that’s what I’m telling myself.

I love these days, even if they seem to be getting less and less frequent. Between working odd hours at the lab and trying to get my writing career up and going I’ve started to feel guilty taking time for myself. A visit with an old friend made me realize that I need to slow down and do what’s best for me. And what is that? Bumdays!