Taking the Positive Out of a Negative


I would say my life now is hectic. I somehow managed to accept a position in a new town managing a hospital laboratory immediately before a pandemic hit. I often ask myself if I would have accepted the position knowing what was about to happen.

The short answer is, yes. I would have.

I may have stumbled into the lab world instead of choosing it 12 years ago simply to graduate before financial aid fired me. Did you know you can loose financial aid for having too many credits? Full disclosure… you can.

However I got here, I love a challenge. I like to take too much on and succeed. Or, well, do my best to succeed. If I fail then I’ve learned something new and can move on to the next challenge.

I happen to be surrounded by a group of people who want everyone to succeed and will do anything they can to help, even if it isn’t their area of expertise. In a time like today, this is extraordinarily important. We’re all struggling to learn this new world and how to function without weekly friend gatherings and making sure you check infection rates before you travel. Always having hand sanitizer in your purse and awkwardly standing there when you meet someone because manners say to shake their hand. I’m determined to make the Vulcan salute our new normal.

So hello. My name is Cheryl and I’m a brand new laboratory services manager. My life consists of COVID-19 meetings and supply chain management, because everything is back ordered for one reason or another at this point. This is my day job.

I’m also an animal lover and will generally take in any animal I can. I have all rescues and eagerly await the day I can move out into the country and start a sanctuary. I currently have a 2-year-old pit mix named Guinness and a 3-year-old border collie/ basset mix named Stella. Yes, I like beer. I even started an Instagram just for them because they’re all I take pictures of anymore. You can find them at beer_sister_adventures.

I also have a sassy 20-year-old cat named Cat. Don’t judge. It was what she responded to when I got her and it stuck. She’s Kiki on a daily basis and Cat when she’s in trouble. Someday I’ll blog about my senile cat and her ballerina bunny.

There are six chickens awaiting transfer up to my new town as well. They live with my mom and I definitely miss them. Who knew chickens were such great entertainment? Someday I’ll tell you the story of how I ended up with a special needs chicken.

Ultimately, yes my life is hectic, but I also know I’m making a difference. A difference in healthcare by maintaining a great lab in the face of a very stressful time (though I can only take partial credit for this, I have a great team), and a difference in my adopta-baby’s lives.

I urge you to look around and see how you can make a difference today. Whether you’re working from home or still going in to work. Whether you’re homeschooling your children or on a job hunt. Make a difference in someone’s life today. Take a negative situation and turn it into a positive. If we can all make someone smile today, the world may just pull through this.

Oh, and live long and prosper.