Stay Healthy, My Friends!

Holy mother is everyone sick around here! Mycoplasma pneumoniae (walking pneumonia) is running rampant at work and I’m just over in the corner trying to dodge the bacteria-laden coughing. I feel bad for anyone who is personally familiar with this type of bacteria because, as one of my coworkers said, “It feels like a rat is living in my chest.” Ew and ow.

My immune system seems to be pretty sturdy. I would say, besides seasonal allergies, I get sick maybe once a year. Every once in a while I’ll get a little tingle in the throat but with a little hot tea, honey, and spicy spicy spicy food I can usually kill whatever it is trying to settle in. However, I still panicked when I woke up yesterday with a sore throat and a small baby cough. I honestly don’t think that I caught the bug but I’m still taking the cold medicine I had to buy and drinking a ton of hot tea and honey just in case. I do not want a rat living in my chest.

In other news, I was able to be extended at this location for an additional six weeks which means I’ll be able to experience a Montana spring! I’m so excited to visit Glacier National Park and I’m told spring time is the best time to do so. I’ll also be in town for the writer’s conference located downtown in May. The conference is called MisCon and it is mainly for the science fiction, fantasy, and horror genres, which is perfect! I’ll actually have to get dressed and go to this one, unlike WanaCon which was completely online, but I may be able to meet some interesting people. I’m hoping to have a little more of a novel under my belt before then, so it’s definitely incentive to kick things into gear!

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