Gaining Confidence

I like to think that I’m not scared of anything. Besides those 8-legged creepers. And moths. Why do they always fly right at my face? Anyways, it turns out that I am quite scared of writer’s rejection. I’ve always been told that I’m a ‘good’ writer, but what if ‘good’ isn’t good enough? I have these ideas that I put down on paper only to think “well I think I’m funny and the story makes sense to me, but what if no one else likes or understands it?” That’s what editors and beta testers are for, you say. Well it turns out I’m too scared of what they may say that I’m dragging my feet with writing. I think my head may explode with these ideas before I buck up and write them down.

Buck up. That’s what I always tell my friends when they are faced with something they don’t like or want to do. It’s cowboy logic at it’s best and seems to apply nicely to most situations. If you buck up and the situation doesn’t go your way, then it was a character building exercise. This is my own logic and yet I seem unable to apply it to myself. I need to buck up and write. If I submit my piece and it is rejected, then it was a character building exercise.  I can take the (hopefully constructive) criticism and make my next submission better. Well, now I know why my friends always rolled their eyes when I gave them this advice.

Despite all of this, today I am taking the plunge. I started a piece that I will be submitting to the Amtrak Writer’s Residency program this week. The chances of me getting one of the residency spots is astronomical, but it’s still worth a shot. If nothing else, this submission will provide me the beginning portion of my novel. I have a feeling that this is exactly what I needed to get the ball rolling!


7 thoughts on “Gaining Confidence

  1. Cheryl you will be fine. Rejection is a part of life, which you already know. And rejection builds character, something every writer needs. Love you honey. Now just go for the brass ring.

  2. I’ve seen it said that the writers who are afraid are afraid because they care. Those are the true writers. This year alone you’ve made big strides. There are countless numbers of wannabe writers who talk endlessly about their desire to write. These steps, which may seem small to you, are huge. You’ve already joined a group that is small in number: you write. Don’t be afraid to fear, and don’t fear giving yourself credit where credit is due. You’re doing great. 🙂

  3. One of the greatest things any writer can learn to do is to grow a thick skin. It’s the only way to have a long and productive writing career without going totally bonkers. WRITE ON MY FRIEND!!! Check my blog some time for writing exercises and such. Ta-ta for now my dear! 🙂

    • Thanks! I will most definitely look you up. I always felt I had a thick skin until I decided to take this writing career seriously. Time to buck up and put myself out there! Thank you for the encouragement!

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