Beginning the journey

Well I finally made the plunge into blog-hood. As someone recently told me, “You’re sitting on a blog gold mine, now’s the time to start one.” Okay, fine.

As I mentioned in my ‘About’ page I travel for my work, or as my tax consultant said today, “soooo, you’re a transient?” Um, well yeah I guess I kind of am. I began traveling for work October, 2013 in Parsons, KS. It’s a little itty-bitty town in the southeastern corner of the state. Oddly enough, it looked like Wyoming (where I’m from) just with trees. The assignment was for 13 weeks and it was a looooong 13 weeks. Don’t get me wrong, the people that I met and worked with there were amazing! They were very nice and welcoming. The weather, however, was terrible and I think I was allergic to it. My dog was as well, poor puppy. It was hot, humid, and full of the eight-legged death bugs. Some refer to them as spiders but I think that name is too mundane for the extreme kind of terror they inflict. Due to the small size of the town my travel company was unable to find me an apartment so I had to live in a local hotel. The hotel staff was amazing as well and my dog stole the hearts of almost every single one, but most especially the breakfast cook, Sharon. This worked out well for everyone involved but most especially Miya (my dog). She even got travel sausages and bacon when it was time for me to leave. I was able to visit Big Brutus which is pretty cool. My absolute favorite thing that I was able to do while I was down there was to visit the Little House on the Prairie museum. I LOVED these books when I was little! I also lucked out because I went in the off-season on a weekday so I was the only one there. I was able to poke around and take all the pictures and selfies I could possible want without looking like a complete dork. If you are ever in the area, I recommend swinging through here.

I’m now on my second assignment in beautiful Missoula, Montana. It’s cold and snowy, exactly how I like my weather. There is too much traffic for my taste, though. I like my towns without a rush hour. So far the people are all very nice and the coffee houses are numerous. I’m hearing that St. Patrick’s Day is a blast up here and since I’m Irish (and also off on that day…and more importantly the day after) you can bet that I’ll take full advantage! Besides making bad choices on a holiday, I’m really looking forward to visiting Flathead Lake and the Kalispell area. I’m still looking for in-town activities, though. When I asked my coworkers about things to do around town, I mostly got “well we have a lot of breweries around here that will let you get free samples, even if you show up every day.” While that’s awesome and part of me really wants to test that theory, I’m thinking my liver needs all the rest it can get before next month. Maybe before I leave in April. I’ll keep you updated.

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